The Proceedings have been shipped by Elsevier to all participants.

ScienceNews reporter Peter Weiss interviewed several participants during Lattice 2004. His article on lattice QCD is available on line.

Video and electronic files of plenary talks are available below.
Titles link to hep-lat entries of write-ups, where available.
Electronic files of posters and parallel talks are available under "Transparencies" (at right).
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Lattice 2005 will take place 25-30 July 2005 at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

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Plenary Speakers

Keith Ellis
Welcome to Fermilab
Roberto Frezzotti
Twisted-Mass Lattice QCD
video ps
David Adams
Testing Universality & the Fractional Power Prescription for the Staggered Fermion Determinant
video ps pdf
Eduardo Follana
Index Theorem & Random Matrix Theory for Improved Staggered Quarks
video pdf
Kieran Holland
UC San Diego
Triviality and the Higgs Mass Lower Bound
video pdf
Michael Engelhardt
New Mexico State
Generation of Confinement & Other Nonperturbative Effects by Infrared Gluonic Degrees of Freedom
video ps gif
Shoichi Sasaki
Pentaquarks: Status & Perspectives for Lattice Calculations
video pdf
Peter Boyle Columbia
The QCDOC Project
video pdf
Federico Rapuano
The apeNext Project
video ppt pdf
Don Holmgren
PC Clusters for Lattice QCD
video pdf
Kenneth Wilson Ohio State
Origins of Lattice Gauge Theory
video ppt pdf
Tony Kennedy Edinburgh Algorithms for Lattice QCD with Dynamical Fermions
video ppt
Oliver Bär
Chiral Perturbation Theory at Non-Zero a
video pdf
Gilberto Colangelo
Finite Volume Effects in Chiral Perturbation Theory
video pdf
Vittorio Lubicz
Roma III
The Role of Lattice QCD in Flavor Physics
video ppt pdf
Ian Shipsey
An Experimenter's View of Lattice QCD
video ppt pdf
Matthew Wingate
Status of Lattice Flavor Physics
video pdf
Peter Petreczky
QCD Thermodynamics on Lattice
video ppt
Daria Zieminska
Physics at Tevatron Run 2
video ppt pdf
Ken-Ichi Ishikawa Hiroshima
Hadron Spectrum from Dynamical Lattice QCD Simulations
video ps
Paul Rakow Liverpool
Progress Towards Finding Quark Masses & the QCD Scale ΛQCD from the Lattice
video ps

More options for viewing are available at the Lattice 2004 video page.

International Advisory Committee

Pierre van Baal Leiden    Damir Becirevic Orsay
Norman Christ Columbia    Christine Davies Glasgow
Rajiv Gavai Tata Institute    Steven Gottlieb Indiana
Shoji Hashimoto KEK    Kazuyuki Kanaya Tsukuba
Frithjof Karsch Bielefeld    John Negele MIT
Mike Peardon TC, Dublin    Giancarlo Rossi Rome II
Sinead Ryan TC, Dublin    Yigal Shamir Tel Aviv
Stephen Sharpe Washington    Hartmut Wittig DESY

Local Organizing Committee

Geoff Bodwin Argonne    Estia Eichten Fermilab
Don Holmgren Fermilab    Aida El-Khadra Illinois
Andreas Kronfeld Fermilab    Paul Mackenzie Fermilab
Masataka Okamoto Fermilab    Cynthia Sazama Fermilab
Jim Simone Fermilab    Donald Sinclair Argonne
Suzanne WeberFermilab